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Stichting iNZet ZuidAfrika of Friesland

About us


Stichting iNZet is formed by four Frisian Scouts: Merijn and Rudi van Bussel, Chris Elsinga and Jelte Veldstra. Thanks through the miracles of Scouting, we once found ourselves under the African starlit sky; one of the greatest adventures for us back then.


Since 2003 we coordinate a partnership between Frisian Scouts and Girl Guides in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. A great province where children there enjoy Scouting and Guiding just as much as we do here.


We truly believe in the merits of this partnership, for African groups, Frisian groups and ourselves. That’s why in 2010 it has been extended to Swaziland. Its geographic location to Kwazulu Natal allows combined visits. We aim to offer both a similar patnership and support them where needed.